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Thread: Jogging my Dusty Memory - A File Based HEX Editor for CPM-80

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    Default Jogging my Dusty Memory - A File Based HEX Editor for CPM-80

    Hi Guys,

    It's been a long time since 1984, lol. I'm trying to remember a File Based Hex Editor I once used for CPM-80.

    I looked at MU3 and DU3, that does not quite look like what I remember. (The memories ar faint)

    Looking to simply read a file, edit it in HEX/ASCII and write it out. Search and stuff would also be cool.

    Any suggestions, recollections and or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Have you checked the SIMTEL, CPMUG and RBBS archives? I also think that SuperSoft's DED could edit either files or absolute sectors.
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    Found it SUPERZAP 5.0 - On the Walnut Creek CD. Thanks Chuck.

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    You can load the file into memory, change what ever you want and then write it back to a file. I don't recall how to do it but it is a standard function of CP/M.

    Ah yes. You read the file into memory with the R command in DDT. Dump memory with the D command and then use the S command to alter the value or the A command to assemble code. When done, you exit with the G0 command and use SAVE to copy it back to a file.
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