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Thread: Looking for an Option Key for an Apple IIc+ please.

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    Default Looking for an Option Key for an Apple IIc+ please.

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a lovely Apple IIc+. Unfortunately the Option Key sort of came off.
    the post broke off and was stuck in the keyboard, I was able to remove it, but it was damaged in the process. They key is working and it's post is in tact. (orange alps switches with the rectangular hole in the middle), shown here, not sure I can fix the keycap, so I was wondering if someone happen to have a spare Option keycap for a IIc+? Happy to pay postage and for the key cap. I'm in Toronto Canada.

    Thanks in advance, hopefully


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    Option Keycap for Apple IIc Plus no longer required. The key cap peg has been repaired better than new.

    Thanks Josh B, you are a miracle worker.


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    I spy with my little eye an Alps key switch.

    I fixed an Apple II key cap by 3D printing a coupler that fit tightly over the remainder of the peg that was broken off between the key and the switch. Worked out great.

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    do attach your stl, i would be interested in seeing it.


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