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Thread: Looking for an Exidy Sorcerer game called "Wilderness"

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    Default Looking for an Exidy Sorcerer game called "Wilderness"

    I've been looking for this game for many years.

    Has anyone seen it?



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    Quote Originally Posted by flibbledeedo View Post
    I've been looking for this game for many years.

    Has anyone seen it?
    Thanks to the YouTube video clip link in your other thread about this game I have found it in the Dick Smith Electronics 1981 Catalogue. If you compare it to the catalogue number sequence for the other Exidy Sorcerer text adventures in the DSE Catalogue - which are all by Scott Adams (Adventure International) this would make it Space Odyssey (although as an aside I am not sure Odyssey was released in Australia).

    Anyway the description in the catalogue doesn't match the science fiction setting of Space Odyssey and the wilderness setting doesn't match any other Scott Adams title AFAIK.

    Other people might recognise it now that we have a (brief) description although it is pretty generic. If you can remember any specific monsters, settings, commands that might help job people's memories if it is a port.

    It could of be a purely local title only published in Oz for the Sorcerer platform in which case you will need to continue to pursue Mr Wright who published that clip.

    Note that there are forums (outside VCFED) for people into text adventures where you might be able to get a bit more help.
    I hope the restoration of your hardware is successful - maybe a copy will turn up on your very own discs

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    I have a nostalgic longing for a game for the Exidy Sorcerer which was a ... It had a game called "Wilderness" which I would love to find again.



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