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Thread: SUN SPARC 5 ULTRA swapping CD ROM to DVD

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    Default SUN SPARC 5 ULTRA swapping CD ROM to DVD

    I am trying to update my SPARC 5 ULTRA with a new DVD drive however the connector cable from the Ultra seems to be not as wide as the socket on the DVD drive. Not sure what to do. Also do I have to modify any config when changing the CD drive to a DVD. I have fixed the NVRAM issue with a battery add on.

    I want to install Solaris 10 on the SPARC 5 ULTRA but the ISO is only available in DVD format hence the update to the drive. Does anyone know if the ISO can be split somehow so I could use the CD drive if I can't get the DVD to work. Also is Solaris 10 in CD format available for download from anywhere.

    Any help greatly received.

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    What model DVD drive do you have? The CD drive on the Ultra 5 is IDE like the hard drive IIRC.

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    The Ultra 5 is IDE unless you added an SCSI PCI card. The cable should fit unless you are trying to connect it to the floppy drive cable. There are 2 connectors for IDE cables on the SUN ultra 5 so use 1 for the HD and one for the DVDROM set both as master.
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    Hi, I have updated my Sun Sparc 5 Ultra with a Sony DVD. It seems to be up and working. I want to install Solaris 10 from DVD. How do I make a bootable DVD on a PC. Can I do this with NERO or similar CD software. I can get the ISO from Oracle but how do I make it bootable and the make the SPARC boot from it. I don't know the root password for this machine. Below is DVD-ROM status. when typing boot cdrom - install I get Fast Data access MMU Miss ??Sun-DVD2.jpg
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    Are you sure you have the SPARC version of Solaris 10? Not the x86?

    Also I'm not sure Solaris 10 will work on an UltraSparc II. Perhaps try burning a linux flavour (Debian 7 definitely works) and seeing if it boots. This will eliminate a DVD-ROM related issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3pcedev View Post
    Also I'm not sure Solaris 10 will work on an UltraSparc II.
    I have an Ultra 60 which I believe is UltraSPARC II and I know for a fact that it will take Solaris 10.
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