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Thread: SUN SPARC 5 ULTRA swapping CD ROM to DVD

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    Default SUN SPARC 5 ULTRA swapping CD ROM to DVD

    I am trying to update my SPARC 5 ULTRA with a new DVD drive however the connector cable from the Ultra seems to be not as wide as the socket on the DVD drive. Not sure what to do. Also do I have to modify any config when changing the CD drive to a DVD. I have fixed the NVRAM issue with a battery add on.

    I want to install Solaris 10 on the SPARC 5 ULTRA but the ISO is only available in DVD format hence the update to the drive. Does anyone know if the ISO can be split somehow so I could use the CD drive if I can't get the DVD to work. Also is Solaris 10 in CD format available for download from anywhere.

    Any help greatly received.

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    What model DVD drive do you have? The CD drive on the Ultra 5 is IDE like the hard drive IIRC.

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    The Ultra 5 is IDE unless you added an SCSI PCI card. The cable should fit unless you are trying to connect it to the floppy drive cable. There are 2 connectors for IDE cables on the SUN ultra 5 so use 1 for the HD and one for the DVDROM set both as master.
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    Hi, I have updated my Sun Sparc 5 Ultra with a Sony DVD. It seems to be up and working. I want to install Solaris 10 from DVD. How do I make a bootable DVD on a PC. Can I do this with NERO or similar CD software. I can get the ISO from Oracle but how do I make it bootable and the make the SPARC boot from it. I don't know the root password for this machine. Below is DVD-ROM status. when typing boot cdrom - install I get Fast Data access MMU Miss ??Sun-DVD2.jpg
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    Are you sure you have the SPARC version of Solaris 10? Not the x86?

    Also I'm not sure Solaris 10 will work on an UltraSparc II. Perhaps try burning a linux flavour (Debian 7 definitely works) and seeing if it boots. This will eliminate a DVD-ROM related issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3pcedev View Post
    Also I'm not sure Solaris 10 will work on an UltraSparc II.
    I have an Ultra 60 which I believe is UltraSPARC II and I know for a fact that it will take Solaris 10.
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    #1 - you have a SCSI CD DVD, you will need an IDE DVD.

    #2 - I just got an Ultra 10 working here are a few tips:

    Make both devices master (hard drive and DVD) and use separate cables or make one master and the other one slave.
    If the drive has a single mode, use that if its the only device on the Chanel or it will not show up in open boot.

    In open boot test to see that it has showed up like this:

    You will get a list of devices. If they don't show up play with master/slave/single setting and try again or try another drive.

    show-devs is a really cool command too. It shows the devices present and offers to copy the names so you dont have to type them.

    So to boot from the cd you type in boot cdrom, that should start your installer.
    If that fails try to show-devs, find your dvd the type boot and the device by pasting in.

    Just found this:

    The Ultra 5 is supported:

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    Did you ever install Solaris 10 on the Ultra 5? I installed it on my Ultra 10, 1gb ram and 10gb ide hard disk. It was pretty slow to boot.
    Fairly useless too.

    I tested Solaris 10, 2.6, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I ended up installing OpenBSD and using Windowmaker for that old time look and feel. Makes the computer useful too - even web browsing, Dillo does the job.



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