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Thread: Looking for restore discs or Packard Bell Platinum 4500

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    Default Looking for restore discs or Packard Bell Platinum 4500

    Hi all,

    I recently got hold of a very nice Packard Bell Platinum 4500. Apart from slight yellowing, it is in an absolutely excellent condition. No damage anywhere.

    The machine is also in excellent working condition and aside from some added ram and an ethernet card, it's in its original configuration. The previous owner installed Windows 2000 on it, and I would like to get the original installation (of Win 95) back on it. Would anyone be able to provide (images of) the original installation discs and diskettes for me?

    • Pentium II @ 266 MHz
    • 92 MB Ram
    • 6.4 GB HDD (Maxtor)
    • Diamond MD975 graphics card with video in/out and coax it seems. It has a Trident 3DImage 9750 graphics chip which unfortunately has very low performance and many glitches but the ports on the cards are cool.
    • Combined sound card/modem
    • 10/100 mbps D-Link ethernet card
    • CD-Rom (24x I believe)
    • 1.44 MB floppy drive
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