I am looking for all available info about Compaq 472P monitor, also it is called "143807-501, "143801-502 compaq monitor 14 svga n\h m 472p".
Especially - what is maximum resolution of this monitor, and if the change of flyback transformer may remove dark and improve it. Currently monitor is little to dark to play the PS4 games(Yes it work with cheap adapter), and works about 800x600, despite Linux tries, and lists it little higher - 1024 if connected as second. Is the HR7937 correct replacement, and FTO 14A041 original flyback transformer?

Maybe You have service, and user manual for it or known where to download? I found some schemes on the Internet, but there aren't even signed in English on jpgs.

This monitor also don't have all pins on connector, probably because it worked with Compaq Prolinea. Maybe You known if the pins are a problem, with brightness?