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Thread: Tektronix 4050 Catalog, Datasheets, and Instructions

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    Default Tektronix 4050 Catalog, Datasheets, and Instructions

    The Tektronix 4050 computers were pre-internet and really don't get the credit they deserve from internet computer history timeline as the first business personal computers with integrated storage, high resolution graphics (4096x3072 for the 4054/4054A and 1024x780 for the 4051 in 1975 and 4052/4052A later in the '70s). Software for all the personal computers was in short supply in the beginning - and Tektronix spent significant time developing tutorial library software that shipped with their computers and library software for purchase including CAD programs, Editing programs, Picture Composition, and provided accessories like floppy disk, hard disk, hard copy units.

    I have created a folder on my Tektronix 4050 archive github site for miscellaneous documents like catalogs, datasheets and instructions that I have scanned from my collection:

    One of the first documents I uploaded was a short catalog from June 1983 that covers ALL the products introduced by Tektronix Information Display Products division including not only the Tektronix 4051, 4052A and 4054A computers, but all the accessories and part numbers of service manuals including the joystick, tablets, hard copy unit, floppy and disk drives.

    This catalog also includes the 4000 and 4100 terminals including color pages for the color terminals and B&W scans for the other pages to keep the size down:

    Tektronix-4051-4052-4054-Program-Files/Documentation/Tektronix_Information_Display_Products_Catalog_Jun e1983.pdf


    Other PDF scans uploaded to the same "Documents" folder include datasheet scans of 4952 Joystick, Opt 10 Printer Output Interface, 4631 Hard Copy Unit, 4662 Digital Plotter:

    SCN_0317small.jpg SCN_0315small.jpg SCN_0313small.jpg SCN_0311small.jpg

    Tektronix 4050 software library programs were also quite good for the 1970's - I uploaded datasheets for the Mathematics and Statistics Library to the Documents folder - and previously had recovered files from those tapes and posted them in separate folders on my github repository:

    SCN_0319small.jpg SCN_0323small.jpg

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