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Thread: Tektronix 4957 Digitizing Tablet

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    Default Tektronix 4957 Digitizing Tablet

    I got my 4957 Tablet working with my 4054A computer tonight.

    I had several 10uF 25V tantalum capacitors burn out when I applied power - I replaced all of them.

    bitsavers has the -00 user manual which has a "4052 Example Program" on page 6-2 that I have typed in and tested tonight with a minor change.

    I uploaded that test program to a new 4957_Tablet folder on my github repository site for Tektronix programs:


    My change was to the serial rate to use 9600 7E1 instead of 7O1 - since all my PC to Tek serial has been with 7E1.

    The Tektronix 25 pin to 25 pin cable that I had - did not work. So I used two of my PC 9-pin to 25-pin cables and made three jumper wires to cross pins 2 and 3 and jumper pin 5 on the 9-pin ends of both cables.

    Tablet and digitizer puck worked fine including the four buttons.

    Now I need to get the Tektronix 4050 CAD and/or Picture Composition program tapes and recover those files


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    I also uploaded my scan of the -01 user manual which added the Option 02 larger tablet - and I added in the old page with the 4052 Example Program:

    Tektronix-4051-4052-4054-Program-Files/Documentation/070-4784-01_4957_Series_Graphics_Tablet_User_Manual_includi ng_Option_02.pdf

    The -01 manual covers the protocol differences between both 4957 tablet sizes.



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