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Thread: Change 2.11 BSD /dev/console Parameters?

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    Default Change 2.11 BSD /dev/console Parameters?


    I picked up a PDP-11/73 at VCF-MW this year and installed 2.11 BSD using VTServer. My terminal emulator works fine connected at 9600 8N1, but as soon as init runs /dev/rc a change occurs and I get garbled characters. I can only use the terminal if I change the mode to 7N1.

    This shouldn't be much a problem as long as I use 7N1, but I have several devices that are hard-wired at 8N1 that I would like to connect to the system. I can't find any way to change the serial port parameters using getty or stty beyond the "soft" features of the driver. Is there something extremely obvious here that I'm overlooking?


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    Take a look at creating the proper entry in /etc/gettytab to set the desired parameters and edit the console entry in /etc/ttys to use it.

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    So it looks like I can get some semblance of normal output at 8N1 by executing "stty litout". The only problem now seems to be that a carriage-return is not generated with new lines. Minicom lets me add them in, so it shouldn't be an issue for now. Once I get all of the userland files populated I should be able to use getty to set the correct parameters in multi-user mode.

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    Does 'stty onlcr' work?

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    I figured it out and forgot to update the thread. Making a note for anyone else that has the same issue.

    By default, the system console driver will add a "fake" parity bit to any characters sent out. This is a hard-coded feature of the kernel's console driver and requires modifying the kernel source, and recompiling the kernel, to resolve. I haven't spent enough time poking around in the kernel source to know where this code is at, but it hasn't been too much of a problem now that I have the DHV-11 up and running. If I figure it out, I'll make a note in this thread.


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