I'm selling

* ELSA Winner 1000Pro video graphics card S3 Vision868 86C868-P VLB vesa local bus
* Advanced Gravis Ultrasound card MAX model, wavetable 1MB, 16-bit PC ISA, Rev 1.8
* Midia Sound 2000 SB sound card, General Midi Dream SAM wavetable ROM, PC ISA.
* Yamaha DB50XG, extended General Midi (XG) 4MB ROM wavetable sound daughterboard.
* Creative sound blaster Pro 2 card, CT1600, Yamaha YMF262 OPL3 & Adlib, PC ISA
* Voodoo3 2000 3dfx PCI 16MB SG-RAM (60NS model!) PC video graphics card, Rev C
* WDC Western Digital Paradise Leading Edge 1MB video graphics card, 16-bit PC ISA


If you have a moment, then thanks for looking! All listings have a charity donation.