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Thread: What controls the Commodore B128-80 Keyboard? 6525 Tri-Port?

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    Default What controls the Commodore B128-80 Keyboard? 6525 Tri-Port?

    I have had awful luck with Commodores recently. I decided to dust off my Commodore B128-80 and she fired right up, except that now for whatever reason the keyboard doesn't work at all. No keys register.

    There is a 6525 Tri-Port interface right next to the keyboard connector on the motherboard, does that read the keyboard?

    If so I am screwed, 6525s are rare as hen's teeth, and I am not confident in my desoldering skills either.

    Could it be anything else?

    Just to recap in the course of two weeks I got a PET 8032 that blows a fuse everytime I turn it on, a Commodore C16 that ran for about ten seconds before its TED chips imploded (or some color ram), and now my trusty B128 has decided to quit accepting my keystrokes! What a week!


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    Yes, correct. The 6525 at U28 controls the keyboard. That chip pretty much does all the work of reading the keyboard, but is also used to control PAL/NTSC selection with a jumper.
    If the machine boots and the cursor is blinking it's very likely that the chip is bad unless you found some way of attaching the keyboard connector backwards.

    WANTED: CBM-II hardware or software, PET software


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