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Thread: What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    Once I understood how the NC4000 chip worked, I made a couple high level instructions with the low level code. Having 8 bit I/O, I needed a handy way to swap 8 bit values. I had a register at address -1, since that was an easy literal. It'd swap the 2 bytes. All done in two clock cycles. I thought that was an easy way to get bytes. The processor was so fast I had to put delays in to keep the floppy controller happy. It didn't have a chance to respond with the status otherwise. Using the hard drive, I could meta compile the entire Forth in less then 10 seconds. Not all that fast by todays standards but when one considers it was a 16 bit processor in 4K gates.
    I've only read about it in Philip Coopman's book and remember that they used to advertise as 4 and 5 MIPs machines long before the 386 ever came out and the 286 was gasping to break 1 MIPS. It is a shame innovative architectures rarely take off.

    Occasionally Harris RTX (son of Novix) boards do show up in eBay, but they don't hold the same mystique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    How about rare items that you've had a part in developing?

    I've got all sorts of rare tidbits; a 1401 core frame, a few "cordwood" modules from a CDC 6600, etc. But the Durango F85 is special to me, as the the Poppy (which I have been fruitlessly looking for for at least 20 years). Narrowly missed one being junked in Australia a few years ago...
    What Chuck was a Poppy and if one was here in Australia could there be another ?

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    I don't keep anything around if it's both rare and worth a lot of money. I'd keep Voodoo5's around if they were as valuable as a RIVA TNT2. The money I make off a Voodoo card can go towards something useful, like expensive modern PC parts. Old computers are toys to me, but a Voodoo5 is cool looking nevertheless. I'm not a serious gamer. I don't mind low end cards like an Intel i740 or a TNT2 m64, they work well for the era of old games I tend to play.

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    I don't know if it's as rare as I've heard, but I have an Apple IIc Flat Panel Display in the original box. The box is pretty faded, but the display is nearly perfect. It was $15.00 at a second hand store in the 90's. I guess a deal like that is kind of rare.

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    I'd like to change my list a little.

    Quote Originally Posted by snuci View Post
    1. MCM/70
    2. CPU Systems CPU-8 (Fairchild F
    3. IBM 7690 Nursing station (PS/2 based)
    4. IMSAI 8048 Control Computer
    5. Bill-1 (8008 based)
    6. Processor Technology Sol-PC
    7. Zeus 80 (Z80 based)
    8. Elenco Agvision (Tandy Videotex)
    9. Tiger Learning Computer (Apple II based)
    10. Viatron System 21


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