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Thread: What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?

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    I have a few rare Australian computers that are unknown in the US or UK, all from early to mid 80's

    Microbee Kit
    Applix 1616
    Excalibur 64
    Amust Executive 816

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    don't know about 10 items
    but have CM-1803 big and heavy special soviet computer with 8" drives, and don't know anybody who have it

    And have another computer CM-1810 called "NIVKA" also one man have another working computer and few peoples have not working computers and parts
    This is soviet XT 8086 copmputer but have multibus architecture, not ISA here, and present 768 kb of ram
    Also supporting multiprocessors. Operating systems MS-DOS and iRMX86 soviet clones. my blog (Ukrainian)
    i like IBM,Compaq and SUN computers

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    My collection is pretty mainstream PC, Tandy, Amiga, but I have a few items that are not everyday finds:

    - Cipher M990 9-track tape drive
    - TI Professional Portable
    - Sun Ultra Sparc 10 with matching accessories (including vintage Sun mouse pad)
    - Mouse Systems M2 optical mouse w/matching pad

    Call it "young vintage", but I recently acquired a first generation Alienware Chieftec Dragon tower with original Chieftec PSU and period-correct Pentium4+Radeon 9700. Working on replacing leaking caps on the PSU and a few bulging ones on the mobo while I'm at it. Will be loading up some period games like Commandos, Quake III, Thief 2, Half Life 2. May also load up some other games I never played at the time like Halo, Diablo II and Red Alert. Ah yes, the turn of the century games. Who cared about Y2K when you could just bury yourself in virtual mayhem and carnage!
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    How about a large stack of NOS Alphatop Green 753 (non-mmx Pentium 1 CPU) laptops still in their OEM boxes?

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    Newest and rarest acquisition is an IBM 5162.
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    Right now my collection is built around late 90s water cooling and gaming parts. Id say my rarest stuff I own is my cross drilled aluminum blocks from 97-2000. I know most dont see that as vintage, but its close. I have a block for SK7 and even slot one. Sadly the slot 1 block is toasted from galvanic corrosion.
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    My rarest vintage stuff would probably be
    1. Presenter 1280 with cable and card installed in my R5000 Indy
    2. Beige G3 with a 500mhz MAXpowr G3-G3, and Sonnet ATA133 IDE card.

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    I guess I should add a few more items to my list: 1/2 dozen S-100 computers, a NEC Starlet laptop plus floppy drive module, Netronics RS-232 terminal board with keyboard, Quest Super Elf with S-100 expansion board plus 64K RAM board and lastly an Epson QX-16 that needs a CRT monitor.
    Crazy old guy with a basement full of Pentium 1 laptops and parts

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    I kind of keep to the "pretty rare but generally known about" camp:

    1) Apple II Rev-0 with toggle power-supply
    2) Commodore PET 2001-8 with Blue Label in mint condition
    3) IBM 5150 with IBM EGA card + daughterboard + IBM EGA monitor
    4) a hand-wired COSMAC ELF 2000 with custom wood enclosure (one-of-a-kind!!! )
    5) MSD Dual Floppy Drive with Disk Duplicator ROMs

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    Nice !!! Would love to see some pics, or a video, if you have one up on Youtube.

    I have a few different videos posted here.


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