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Thread: What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?

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    I have only one truly rare machine but it's a fun one - Atari Transputer Workstation (ATW). Also have a IMSAI 8080 set up as close to War Games as I was able to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkarguth View Post
    Recently picked up an IBM 3290 plasma terminal. Huge, heavy, and delightfully orange.
    I love the old gas plasma displays. Nothing like them. My Solbourne S3000 has one and it's just so hot (sometimes literally).
    I use my C128 because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. -- Bob Masse
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    Picked up a Zenith ZFL-171-82 at the computer reset... 42 was apparently the usual model number no idea what 82 means? It's a very funny machine IMO... which is why I got it.... its just like a the weirdest form factor, dual floppy drives, can run on battery if it had one, and has an expansion bus hanging out the back. Many of the chips are socketed also.

    Upgraded it to a NEC V20 I'm curious to see if I can crystal mod it. It's in otherwise excellent condition. The one on youtube by LGR seemed to have a dead backlight. A screensaver in 1983 apparently just means the backlight turns off... I was able to get an AC adapter that works with it and can handle the drives the one I initially tested it on gave the low battery error since it was only a 0.8A supply.

    I intend to take it to subway occasionally and when I feel a writing spell hit me... just for laughs.

    Dunno how rare it is the IRS had 15k of them made this is a 1986 model delievered 05-87

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    I got given a NEC PC-8201A along with original case and manuals. Was used out in the feild for telecom work. Just sorting out the battery pack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funkenzupfer View Post
    Micro-Expander Model 1

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    I was so tempted to buy one that was up for sale recently but it was missing its PSU. Have you operated yours? I'm curious what they are like.


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