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Thread: What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?

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    Ok, rare, but not necessarily worth much:
    1.) Compumotor 8085 SBC with the Aurius hieroglyphs;
    2.) ADDS 70 RAM-70 16K 2102-based static RAM board, probably from a Tandy 10;
    3.) ADDS 70 FRAM-70 52K 2114-based static RAM board, possibly from a Tandy 10 but for sure from an ADDS 70;
    4.) 6800 wire-wrapped SBC from an old lab computer;
    5.) PDP-8 core plane;
    6.) Toshiba XM-2100B first-gen CD-ROM drive, full-height 5.25;
    7.) Operational first-run Tilmann Reh CPU280 assembled SBC;
    8.) Two complete and one in parts Proteon P4200-series first-gen IP routers; 68020 CPU on multibus, with ProNET/80 fiber token ring interfaces with software and documentation;
    9.) Two operational SGI O2s with good, non-cracked plastic;
    10.) 9 Sun 501-4559 "Panther" UltraSPARC II AXi ATX form-factor industrial motherboards with 440MHz UltraSPARC IIi CPUs, and two UltraSPARC IIe 'Bird's-nest lite' boards.
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    just recognized the "Mohawk 1103 Data Recorder" sitting in my basement...

    This picture was taken when I picked it up:

    I did some cleaning to it and I'm going to fix the white wooden board for the keyboard.

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    I've always wondered what the machine my TVT's keyboard came from looked like. Thanks for posting this!

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    I would say my Panasonic JR-200U is the rarest I have (, followed by my Tomy Tutor.

    For other "bits", I have the Digital Creations DCTV for the Amiga and a Commodore DPS-1101 daisy wheel printer.

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    1978 preproduction Atari 800.
    I have heard of only one other like it but no good pictures have been posted.

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    Hmm.. most of my stuff is rather common, but I have a few items that is less common than all the rest

    1) Original Commodore Semiconductor Group 6525 4 inch wafer (uncut). This is the tri-port interface used in CBM B600/700, the 1551 disk drive and a few other items.
    2) Original Commodore Semiconductor Group 6569 4 inch wafer (uncut). This is the VIC-II display chip used in Commodore 64s.
    3) An early Vic-20 demo machine with FCC waiver
    4) An Vic-1001 with an integrated reset button
    5) An Amiga 1000 with Prevue keyboard, 1MiB internal memory
    6) An Amiga 4000 with some unidentified graphics boards
    7) A brand new B710 PSU (never used)
    3 pcs of MOS6509 (new and never used)
    9) An Vic-20 RS488 IEEE interface
    10) An Vic-20 RS232C interface

    The last two being not so uncommon.. but still slightly harder to find than the average cartridge. I also have some new games in original packaging that have never been opened.

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    My rare items are pretty much centered on things with TI 9900 series processors in them.

    Marinchip S-9900
    Board set for a 1978 TI Dimension 4 prototype (the previous owner (a recycler) thought the case was of no value, so they removed the boards and trashed the rest)
    TI 99/8 prototype (both edge connector types)
    TI-99/2 prototype
    Tomy Pyuuta MK II
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    This is a great thread, so I’m reviving it to list my rarest stuff.

    My “rarest” would have to be my two prototype Compaq LTE 386s/20s. Obtaining these was definitely a dream come true to me, and I’ll never, ever get rid of them!

    One of them is an earlier prototype with a different looking, un-textured plastic screen bezel than the production models, and the embossings for the indicators and Compaq logo are gray.

    The other is a later prototype, which looks basically like a production model.

    They both say “CPQ-EVAL” (Compaq Evaluation) on the hard drives inside.

    Second rarest would probably be my two IBM 9332 200MB hard drives. I actually found these things at Goodwill of all places! For $4 each! They are huge and probably weigh 75 pounds each. I collect old hard drives, so these are right up my alley. I would however like to have an IBM minicomputer to go with them someday. That would be totally awesome, as I love my business machines.

    Third would probably be my Tandy 1000RSX, which also came from Goodwill!
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    HyperStation 30 motherboard (also expansion sbus box + ZX graphics + SunPC + 142Mhz quad hypersparcs unsure of functionality as one set is a prototype).
    Ross SparcPlug
    Somewhat eary BeBox dual 66 Prototype (originally at Be then moved to Metrowerks for compiler testing or some such I have quite a few early Dev disks it doesn't boot yet for some reason haven't figured it all out).
    AT&T Unix PC + software
    Intel Inboard 386 going in my IBM 5160 + IBM 5153
    Sparcbook 3GX
    SparcServer 1000e (not rare but uncommon)
    Informer 207 terminal

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    A Commodore 128C?
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