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Thread: What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?

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    Rarest machine is the still working
    CASI Apollo VP2 S100 based computer portrait system
    I only know one other person with a similar machine, itís so rare I canít find the keyboard (which had an 8008 cpu inside), the printer, the original camera or cables.
    Always hoped to make it complete some day so I could print 14x14Ē text based photos

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    Most of my rarest stuff would be from the mid to late 90's:
    Creative 3D Blaster VLB
    Diamond 3D Edge
    Matrox M3D - PowerVR card
    Alliance AT3D card
    Sierra Promethus Aria16 sound card
    STB Soundrage 32 Pro sound card
    Yamaha SW60XG sound card
    Socket 5 mobo with VLB slots
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    I'm gonna add my OSI 300 trainer to the rare list.

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    Matrox E-VDP probably

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    Quote Originally Posted by triton199 View Post
    Matrox E-VDP probably
    Kind of looks like an old Fedders window air conditioner from the 50's
    Surely not everyone was Kung-fu fighting

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    probably weighs about as much as one. label on the top says 37lbs iirc lol

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    I’ve been collecting vintage computers and accessories since I was a kid in the 90’s (when “vintage” more easily translated to “junk people were happy to give away to a computer-obsessed teenager”), and while I don’t still have all the cool stuff I had back then, I’ve definitely found / held onto a few notable things. Here are some highlights of my collection, no particular order (all are working machines / devices unless otherwise noted):

    • IBM ThinkPad “701 Series” machine with the amazingly clever ‘butterfly keyboard’ which expands as the machine is opened
    • BeBox with Dual 66MHz PPC CPU’s
    • Macintosh 128k with original accessories, manuals, software, etc. in the official Apple-branded padded travel-case
    • Macintosh 128k (upgraded to “Fat Mac” 512k) with original accessories, manuals, software, etc. in the official Apple-branded padded travel-case
    • Macintosh IIfx - this is a fairly rare machine in any case, but mine is special: it is fully loaded with the maximum amount of (oddball, difficult-to-find) RAM, powerful aftermarket NuBus video card, Radius Rocket board (essentially a second Mac inside the IIfx, very cool piece of hardware), etc. Even cooler: this was the actual machine used to do the first CAD design work for the New Mexico Spaceport, and I have the original drafting files (in MacCAD format) on the machine still
    • Macintosh Quadra 950 (not wildly rare, but increasingly difficult to find in good shape)
    • Macintosh Portable (enhanced version with the nicer backlit display)
    • PowerMac G4 Cube (absolutely maxed out: larger see-through aftermarket case, upgraded VRM, upgraded GPU, dual-1.5GHz G4 upgrade, Solid State Drive, max RAM, etc.)
    • HeathKit Microcomputer Trainer (Motorola 6800-based DIY kit, literally just bought it on eBay and received the box today, it’s currently sitting in the trunk of my car outside my office as I type this)
    • DEC Rainbow in a vertical “minitower” (aka “looks more like a skinny refrigerator than a computer”) configuration, complete with CRT monitor and massive keyboard
    • Sony Magic Link device with “Not For Resale” demo content on an NFR PCMCIA card (in terms of sheer rarity this demo card may be the rarest thing I own, even if it’s not especially valuable - there can’t be many working examples left)
    • Sony “Net Yaroze” Playstation (the “DIY” PS1 dev-kit)
    • Apple IIe Platinum w/ Applied Engineering RAM Expansion and TransWarp CPU card (IIe’s aren’t exactly rare, but the Applied Engineering stuff is getting harder to find)
    • Commodore Executive SX-64 (not insanely rare, but mine is in great working condition and just needs the handle reattached)

    Of course, some of the stuff I didn't hold onto as a dumb kid still drives me crazy. Had a complete Bell & Howell Apple II kit, IBM 5150 with a ton of upgrades, Vector Graphics S-100 machine, tons of TRS-80 gear, etc., but they're all long gone...

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    We recently acquired 2 pretty rare computers. An Apple III with original profiler and Apple III+ screen:

    And this little machine, the Casio FP-6000 with disk interface
    Founder of the HomeComputerMuseum in the Netherlands. Fully interactive computermuseum dedicated to the home computer.

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    So I just read through this whole topic and what stands out the most is how few rare x86 machines/pc clones there are.

    And wow, the admin with the Apple I... isn’t that worth like... a million dollars?

    I don’t have anything particularly rare unfortunately, maybe some future rarities like my EVGA SR-2. I don’t think there are any rare PS/2’s, which is what I mostly collect because their aesthetic is strangely vaporwave to me.
    Looking For:
    IBM PS/2 8595 Motherboard
    MCA sound card (will pay big bucks)
    IBM PC Server 720/others

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    Well the rarest items I own are:
    Ventless Apple II
    Apple IIe Hard Drive - Design Concept Prototype
    Apple II Revision 5 Motherboard - Only one I know of that exists
    Super II Prototype
    Apple IIe Prototype
    Apple IIe Prototype Motherboard
    Apple II Dual Liron Drive Prototype
    Macintosh 128k Prototype
    Apple Lisa GLM Prototype
    Apple Lisa Prototype RAM Cards
    Apple Lisa Prototype Test Cards
    Apple Lisa Priam Card
    Apple Lisa 4Port Unix Card
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