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Thread: Vox Technologies EM-500 sbc / Extremtech?

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    Default Vox Technologies EM-500 sbc / Extremtech?

    I have 3 of these em500 sbc's, had them a long time, don't know if they even work. Anyway I was perusing the board layout, and it seems 3 things are missing from it, the disk on chip module, and 2 presumably identical "Extremtech" ic's. I'm too tired to research what they could be, if I had to guess static ram, buy I figured someone might know. And if so, are there alternatives? Thanks

    Ic's are beneath CPU:

    Ok plugged it in, gives a distinctive short set of beeps, then beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep ... who knows at the moment, but presumably it's somewhat functional.
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