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Thread: Xircom PE3 versions and firmware

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    Default Xircom PE3 versions and firmware

    I'm a big fan of these devices. Lately I've heard some reports about machines getting random lock-up while these devices are connected, whether networking code is running or not. The machine recovers from the lockup (lasting quite a few seconds) and the lockups can be avoided by disconnecting the Ethernet cable.

    In an attempt to find a pattern I'm looking for variations in these devices. If you have a Xircom (or more than one) would you be willing to post the version (PE3-10BT, 10BC, ?) and the manufacturing timestamp? The manufacturing timestamp can be found by running the PE3TEST program. (Do not run the packet driver first .. PE3TEST right after booting is the proper way to do it.) Also note if you have ever had the machine lock up in a strange way ..

    I'll go first

    • PE3-10BT, DOS 3.3 or DOS 5.02, "5/5/95 11:18:33", passes testing, never any strange lockups
    • PE3-10BC, DOS 3.3 or DOS 5.02, "2/13/95 7:58:25", passes testing, unknown if it has bad behavior
    • PE3-10BT, DOS 3.3 or DOS 5.02, "5/15/96 5:41:35", passes testing, unknown if it has bad behavior

    And please, post whether you have the problem or not ... even just getting an idea of the distribution of manufacturing dates is helpful.

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    PE3-10BT, IBM PC DOS 3.3, "5/2/96 10:28:05", passes testing (PE3TEST.EXE version 3.08), unknown if it has bad behavior (sits in a box unused)

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    PE3-10BT, DOS 3.2, "2/2/95 15:15:01", passes testing, no lockups
    PE3-10B2, DOS 3.2, "5/5/93 21:37:27", passes testing, locked up intermittently -- however, it had to run through a 10BT-Ethernet converter (MiLAN technology MIL-C1111).


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