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Thread: PCI graphics options for a P200MMX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Horse View Post
    a voodoo3 is a bit much for a mmx pent. But its not a bad idea ether.
    If this were me Id go for a a latter s3 Virge and voodoo2.
    Most s3 Virge has a really good VGA output and do grate in dos. Get one with 4MB of vram and you can use high color modes at higher screen res. I used to have a AGP s3 Virge GX2 with 4mb of ram in a k6-iii+ box.
    Don't know why I mentioned the AGP card when the original poster specified PCI. I also have in my spares box a Voodoo 2 PCI, with the pass-through ports.

    The S3 was a good card, too. That would make a good combo, if they're after 3d.

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    If you ever decide not to game on that machine, and old PCI CAD card running in NT4 would be interesting to play with. I just got in AccelGraphics Eclipse card for a dual Pentium 1 machine I will build sooner or later.

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