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Thread: Gateway LC-2

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    Cool Gateway LC-2

    Picked up another Gateway Celeron for retro LAN parties today. A LC 2 with a Celeron CPU. No FDD. Only two PCI slots. Must have been low budget back in the day.

    Plugged in an Epson SD-300 but it is not recognized. Need to check which FDD cable works with that MOBO. Will try a different FDD tomorrow. Cleaned out dirt and much from the MOBO. Cleaned most of the CPU heat sink and fan.

    Analog Devices (AD) AD1881A sound chip.

    VIA VT82C686A ? chip.
    VIA VT8601A ? chip.

    601M-24AGM MOBO.

    Experiment time with drivers!

    Found the VGA driver: One of the two sound drivers works as well. Now I do not remember which one.
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