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Thread: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate

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    Today's tantalizing website update...

    I finally picked up a sort-of-like-new, boxed Magnum Supervision. I've been wanting one of those for a while, don'cha know. I've added scans of the box and instructions now, just for you. I also managed to get the kinda elusive Sonny X'Press complete in blister pack. So in case any of you were “going ape” over the insert & instructions not being available on the website, they're here now.

    What else, what else... OH! There's a scan of a Sonny sticker! Yep. It was adhered to the Sonny X'Press blister package, but I carefully removed it. No more monkey business with this last update: a rather uninteresting Hartung Supervision sticker. That's it for today.
    WANTED: Covox Sound Master, IBM 3D Sound PCMCIA
    Please contact me if you have either of these for sale! Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwestlife View Post
    You can't talk about the Supervision without posting Stuart Ashen's review of it:

    Love this video. Somehow all of Stuart’s “shot on my couch” reviews disappeared from my consciousness and now I have rediscovered them.


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