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Thread: Best Hercules games for a 5150?

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    Default Best Hercules games for a 5150?

    Hey guys,

    Awaiting delivery of my Hercules card for my 5150 and would like to find some of the best/most popular games that will be playable on the not so powerful beast. I have 256K of RAM as of right now but plan on finding an expansion card for it so minimum RAM can be 512K. I found a list of Hercules supported games but really would like to know from others with experience if anything plays well on the 4.77mhz 8088.


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    HGC cards can emulate CGA, just without color obviously. Any CGA game designed for an 8088 will probably run fine.

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    It depends on the game. A CGA pong should be great on Hercules. Sierra did a fair job of ensuring that color dithering down to monochrome was legible.

    Previous discussion here had some recommendations.

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    There was a recent thread on Vogons that you might be interested in >>

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    Quote Originally Posted by austinramsay View Post
    Awaiting delivery of my Hercules card for my 5150 and would like to find some of the best/most popular games that will be playable on the not so powerful beast.
    The best games for Hercules take advantage of its entire 720x350 resolution, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 3. But that's going to be sluggish on a 4.77 MHz 8088. A few others take partial advantage of that resolution to render fonts nicer; all of the DOS-based AGI games (Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc.) will do that.

    Past that, here are a few lists you can look at to see if anything is appealing:,2/ti,4/,2/ti,4/1985/,2/ti,4/1986/,2/ti,4/1987/,2/ti,4/1988/,2/ti,4/1989/

    And maybe,2/ti,4/1990/ but you should check the Tech Specs of the game to ensure it doesn't require a 286 or higher.

    Finally, you can run SIMCGA to simulate CGA on your Hercules, and thereby run any CGA graphics software -- however, there is a big speed penalty in doing this, so it would only be fun for non-action games like Adventures or Strategy. It's always faster to run games that have native Hercules support. EDIT: You can run UniCGA with the "-f" option for full speed, but there will be blank lines on the display.
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    Guerrilla War ! , Victory Road , Ikary Warriors , Narco Police , Game Over I and II , Livingstone Supongo 2, i play it all , all Booter Games.

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    There is a Hercules version of spacewar that I played a lot. I also played chess but I don’t recall what exactly it was, and I wasn’t very good so it might not have been either. I also think I had family feud, jeopardy, and wheel of fortune, but some of those might have been after I got a 10mhz 8088 clone with a hard drive not the original 4.77mhz with just floppies.


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