At some point I decided to make custom cases and labels for my floppy disks using plastic single-disk jewel cases. I eventually got to my Ultima III game for Macintosh, but got fed up with the lack of high quality scans of the Ultima III box art that I wanted to use for my disk case. So I decided to recreated the box art for Ultima III myself. I made high resolution scans of different versions of the box art of the game, then patched it together to form a complete image, did many, many, many hours of touchup, and finally ended up with a reasonable Ultima III poster. I was pretty happy with it and I sent it to Denis Loubet because in my search for a good copy of Ultima III artwork, I noticed he didn't have Ultimas III or V in his gallery section. Apparently EA has his paintings and refuse to give them back or even let him scan them. Bunch of asshats. Denis really liked the quality of my Ultima III poster. He sent it out to get color corrected so it'd look as close to the original.

Anyway, I now committed to doing Ultima V as well so he'd have III, IV, and V for his gallery. I had completed the Ultima V poster using my copies of the Apple II version, but I didn't realize how blurry it was until I was trying to source an image of other copies to fill in the missing detail on my copies. I had stumbled upon a copy of the Commodore 64 version that was published by Microprose. Even at the low resolution of the picture I found, I could still see the brush strokes of the painting. That's something not visible on either copy of my Apple II version or other scans I found.

I was hoping someone who might have a copy of the Microprose version, the PC DOS version, and perhaps the FM Towns version could scan in the box art at 600 dpi and send it to me. I would be very, very grateful. The reason I need different versions is because they have various logos, stickers, etc. placed in different areas of the box. I need to use different sources of the box art to fill in any missing details when I remove the logos and stickers.

Here's the Ultima III that I did. There's the high-res box art that I finished, and a large 24x36 (I think) blown-up version for a poster.