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Thread: CP/M 3 (128KB Banked) ported to the Z80-MBC2...

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    Default CP/M 3 (128KB Banked) ported to the Z80-MBC2...

    CP/M 3 (128KB banked) "preview" for the Z80-MBC2 is available here!

    Previous CP/M 2.2 demo video:

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    Awesome. Anyone have a list of applications that take advantage of the extra bank in CP/M 3?

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    As far as I recall, CP/M 3 was really marketed as a larger TPA while increasing OS efficiency and features. Additional banks were generally not made available to applications, only an increased TPA and extra features.

    It would appear that this system sets the "common memory" boundary to 80H, so each bank would then be 32K. For 128K total, that would be two 32K banks for the OS and a 60K (according to the load message) TPA for applications. Depending on how many OS optimizations were made, one of those 32K banks might be "free", although I suspect it is needed for directory hash buffers for the larger flash card disk.

    But, an impressive looking little machine. Well done!

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    There were a few RAM disks that made use of multiple banks.

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    If you want to really use the extra banks, port MP/M 2.

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    Thanks guys,
    this is the first time that I "touch" CP/M 3... Having already "ported" CP/M 2.2 to the Z80-MBC2 and his predecessor, I can say that CP/M 3 is really more complex, and with the bank switching the "Evil" is in the little details...
    As starting point i read an article in the S100 site that quickly brought me to the right direction (togheter with the CP/M 3 System Guide).
    May be I'll try MP/M II too (although this is a 32K/32K system, and probably a 16K/48K should be better for that) in the future...


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