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Thread: So what are you and your Mavica up to these days?

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    I usually blow on the inside of a floppy drive if I see it's dusty. One time one of my floppies was not being read because a few black hairs were caught inside the disk! The disk read properly after removing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerdude92 View Post
    I don't think so. I'm going of off genuine personal experience, and they don't make new floppies anymore. I heard about the companies shutting down in like 2010.
    Which is irrelevant. When floppies are new they can reliably store data for 30 years. Don't count on an optical disk storing data for anywhere near that long. I have loads of problems even with new disks WHEN I'VE BURNT THEM. Think what you want.
    I for one am not burning anymore valuable data to optical disks ever again.

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    I wasn't talking about optical disks, I was talking only about floppy disks. Sorry I came across as confusing you. I've never used those magnetic optical disks, whatever they are.


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