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Thread: GRUB/DOS/Linux on new CF cards

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    Default GRUB/DOS/Linux on new CF cards

    Quote Originally Posted by mads View Post
    Maybe I should post an update og my M400-40, over a year after :P

    • I got a Acumos 1 MB VGA ISA card, it works fine, the internal VGA still seems shot but that doesn't matter
    • Unfortunately still don't have an original Olivetti monitor, so I'm using an old LCD. Works pretty great on 800x600 and 256 colors
    • DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 (not Windows for Workgroups).
    • 3Com ISA networkcard working in full duplex mode
    • 40 MB RAM
    • Network drive and printer mounted over NFS from a Linux server, the share (E and printer (LPT2) works both in DOS and color PostScript from Windows 3.11 :O
    • Working Soundblaster AWE64 both in DOS and Windows
    • Upgraded the CPU with one of these, so know I have a 66MHz DX CPU!
    • The 214MB Quantum hard drive worked nicely, but there were not enough room to install that many things on it when having Office and stuff in 3.11. So after _very_ much mucking about, I have a completely normal 8GB CF card booting (not a fixed drive one, but a normal removale CF card one). It boots GRUB and then you can choose DOS 6.22 from there. No bigger partition than 2GB of course, I run FAT16 still.
    • I managed to create a booting Linux kernel too (since I have a DX CPU Linux will actually work now), and am currently working on getting a usable userspace there. Much fun awaits I guess :P So you'll be able to choose between DOS and Linux in GRUB during boot.

    Maybe this should warrant it's own thread? I might have figured some stuff out thats not that commonplace knowledge, especially around the theme booting from non-supported drives/CF cards...
    Instead of burying this in a post in the marketplace forum, I thought I should ask if there were any interest in how to get new CF cards working on old DOS systems? This might be something that most people in this forum knows already, but I couldn't find much about this stuff online, so I spent quite a while getting it working on my Olivetti...

    In short, I got a new type 8GB CF card (removable type, not fixed drive type) working with GRUB and booting DOS 6.22 (with Windows 3.11) and Linux working on a Olivetti M400-40 with a 66MHz DX CPU. GRUB on its own hidden FAT32 partition that does not show up in DOS. Should I bother with creating some kind of tutorial?

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    Here it is in action, booting a modern linux takes a hilariously long time

    Guess I should test rebuilding userland with another libc and see if I can get systemd working (it ran out of memory building and running it with glibc..)

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    How is this vintage? Just saying.

    I use an SD-to-CF adapter on an IDE interface. Inexpensive and pretty foolproof.


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