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Thread: Compaq Portable 1 Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadRacer203 View Post
    Just spent 3 hours replacing the foam pads in the keyboard and now it works! God do I hate Keytronics keyboards...
    I watched the 8bitguy video the other day where he replaced those and it looked like a nightmare.. I thought trying to get my M2 keyboard working again was bad, but that actually looked worse.
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    Yeah, I've done 1 other before. You have to pick all the old pieces out and clean it up really good, then try and get the plastic base of the foam pad under each of the 4 clips with something like a dental pick. Probably 45 seconds a key for over 100 keys... Then you have to make sure the pads and the traces on the board are spotless or it won't work.


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