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Thread: Upcoming TA 2018 and MORE badges

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    Cool Upcoming TA 2018 and MORE badges

    To those attending Tandy Assembly

    I will have replacement Model 4P Bezel and Model 4P Keyboard REPLACEMENT BADGES (WILL ONLY HAVE 10 OF EACH) .....

    I will also try to have replacement case badges for the Model 12 and Model 16 (again 10 of each only)

    I will be stuffing my car with as much parts as I can - I will have motherboards, power supplies, daughter cards for the M3/M4 NGA, and just about every part that made up the M3, M4, M4GA, M4D, M4P, monitors, video cards (limited supply), keyboards (very limited supply) and so on and so on and so on ........

    See you there


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    Looking forward to meeting you there Jay! It's going to be a big Tandy party!


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