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Thread: PDP8/m fix before use...

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    Please forgive an old man for not understanding. Why do you have to switch parameters for communications? Are you running different speeds when sending binary or terminal comm? I have two methods of communication with my PDP8E, the ASR33 and an IBM XT. The XT runs KERMIT for terminal comm (I use that when I don't want to burn up paper). Then for binary transfers I set the COM1: port and then just copy the file to COM1:. Anyway that limits my transfers to 110 baud. Maybe that annoys others, but it gives me time to think of what to do next. I'm interested in this GTTY. I did some searches, but am not sure whether of not what I'm looking at is what we are talking about. Thanks Mike.

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    Lyle is often on CCTALK. you might contact him through there. I'm sure he has something great he is currently using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland Huisman View Post

    I thought every US collector had one or more PDP8 machines in their collections?
    I've begged, pleaded and otherwise but any PDP8 has missed me. They are currently out of my price range.

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    Lyle just replied to me and told me that while he would hope to (someday) update GTTY, for now he runs it using DOSBox from both Windows and Linux and it works just fine. I don't currently have a PC near my 8/M but I can certainly verify that the program seems to work under 64-bit Win 7 as far as screen and file functions are concerned. I can't verify serial port functionality immediately but maybe someone else can.

    I've just posted the current version of GTTY here:
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    Jack, that Dosbox works great! Thanks for that info!

    All I have to do within that dosbox is:
    Mount my serial port:
    serial1=directserial realport:com1
    And mount a real directory on my PC which contains GTTY and my bin files
    mount c c:\gtty
    This c gives a virtual drive C in dosbox and the c:\gtty is the real map on my windows PC.

    Now on the virtual C drive I can run that GTTY again! WooHoo!
    I never thought this would work in a bosbox, but it is very useful now! Thanks a lot!
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