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Thread: Early IBM 5150 - 16/64K board, no POST, basically free

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    Default Early IBM 5150 - 16/64K board, no POST, basically free


    What I have: IBM 5150 with "very early" chassis (per
    • includes MGA/parallel card, floppy controller, 2 floppy drives (5.25 360k)
    • at least one floppy drive tested working great on another system
    • performed diagnostics from and got to loading SuperSoft/Landmark ROM (which I did, with 2764 EPROM and adapter from my C64), and the diag ROM did less than than stock ROM did - didn't even click the speaker.
    • power supply seems OK - all voltages seem fine
    • board had one bad/shorted capacitor, which was replaced
    • has an odd Vista Computer Multi-Card that had a NiCd battery on it that leaked everywhere - nastied up the card, and corroded the slot, but didn't otherwise visibly affect board
    • has 10/19/81 (5700671) BIOS ROM
    • I stole the PC speaker out of it for my 386dx sorry! at least I can tell you the speaker definitely works but it just ain't beeping.


    Where I am: San Carlos, CA - can ship with FedEx Ground

    What I want: basically just to be rid of it. Pay for shipping, drop a couple bucks if you really want to, but I'm not asking anything. Just for it to go somewhere other than E-waste, which it'll go to if not claimed in about 2 weeks.

    Update: Claimed by a reasonable queue of people.
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    I would like to have that unit. I sent a query about the cost of shipping. Unless that is astronomical, I would like to make arrangements with you.

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    If its still available, i would like the motherboard which is the fault part i bet.


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