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    Stupid question......

    In my mid 30's and going through a mid life computer crisis.

    Want to build the first PC I ever started (DOS) gaming on in my early teens (essentially our first computer ever)...

    The machine was a generic horizontal box, had a floppy in the center that was oriented vertically, and I believe 2 or 3 bays for cd-rom on the right side. I believe just cooling and 2 or 3 buttons on the left side. It began with windows 3.11 and later got an upgrade to 95. What a night that was. I still remember it...

    If anyone can help me track down a generic box like that I can do the rest.... or even a model number from one. If you saw it, you would all recognize it from the early 90's. They where everywhere.

    PS, I also wouldn't mind getting ahold of the next computer we had..... Compaq presario 5000.

    These computers nowdays just don't do it for me like the old ones did.

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    It is a bit harder to find cases just like that unless you intend on buying used. has only one vertical 3.5" floppy bay. Go up a level on the site and find a couple more with 2 vertical 3.5" floppy bays. The 2 vertical bay cases are a bit larger and easier to slide in a motherboard without components bumping into the power supply.

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    This is on Ebay atm...

    Seems to fit your description. Sadly it's a bit of a trek for you!

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    Apparently the advanced technology used to make computer cases in any color other than BLACK has been lost to the ages.

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    Both very very close, but not the one I had..... Gosh I wish I remembered the name. It had a badge on it in one corner. Also I do remember another detail. The buttons were stacked up vertically. Power was one, turbo another, and the 3rd was a key. Next to each button was an LED.....

    I'll find one. They're out there. There was tons of them. After my family got one, I remember my grade school upgraded from early apple II's to PC's and they had the very same generic case with a different badge on it. Sadly when they upgraded they got rid of the Apple II's. I was able to rescue one IIe and some software from the dumpster. Sadly it ended up back there after it stopped booting. I assume was a memory issue. Anyhow. Thanks!
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    Right! Remember the spinning apple commercial on TV when the G3 was released? Soon all manufacturers were following suit.

    That Presario 5000 was a great machine when we bought it. Which lasted 5 minutes until it was outdated. Amazing how fast technology was moving for a while. I remember I upgraded the heck out of that thing. Pushed its limits. My parents finally stopped using it about 5 years ago and scrapped it (without letting me know sadly). Wish I could have gotten it. Oh well!

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