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I'm talking about the interconnect cable between the EI and the M1. I'm wondering if it needs to be a buffered cable or not, and the condition of the interconnect cable. If it uses a buffered cable it could be that one or more of the LS244s has died allowing no comms between the M1 and the EI, resulting in no garbage screen.

It seems like the computer doesn't "see" the EI. First thing I would do is sub a known good M1 and see if it does the same, secondly try a different EI to confirm nothing in the M1 is causing a problem.

It's times like these it would be good to have one of Rpsi92's EI boards but unfortunately he only has the early ones left on eBay... the good ones are all sold out as best I can tell.


In case you (or anyone else) is interested he's just put up
a couple more of the final design EI boards