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Thread: Who made SWTPC chassis?

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    Default Who made SWTPC chassis?

    A little side project I have going with my collection is to try and match setups in certain catalogs/brochures from companies like SWTPC.

    One of those is to collect everything that appears here on this SWTPC brochure photo:


    After a long hunt, I just scored this Motorola 9" TV - the same one used in all of their advertising for the 6800/CT1024/GT-6144.

    I'm not going to get it exact - my CT-1024 has a different case/chassis, and getting a 6800 with the silver trim around the front would be very difficult (and expensive). But I'm pretty close. I even have the same tape decks. The only piece I'm missing is the PR-40 printer, which will be tricky because unfortunately it is prized by Apple 1 people, who are far more numerous and rabid than SWTPC people.

    Anyway, I'd really like to get a metal chassis made for my GT-6144 that resembles the one in the photo (the GT-6144 is in the center back of the advertisement). This'll make it easier to mount the PSU. I'm wondering if anyone knows who made these for SWTPC/others back in the day (SWTPC, according to the brochure, did not sell or produce them). And if there are any recommendations on where I might go to have one made without getting into $$$$$ ? It's basically just a flat pan bent up at 90 degrees at the back, couple holes drilled. It does have a little flange/edge all the way around so it's kind of like a baking tray.

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    any small engineering firm should be able to make you a chassis, probably cheaply as well. Do you still have wellow pages to look in...
    .. other than that try a model engineering firm.

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    What do you consider 'expensive' for a 6800 case with the silver trim?


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