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Thread: Seeking info on the Decitek Paper Tape Reader/Punch

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    Default Seeking info on the Decitek Paper Tape Reader/Punch

    I acquired a Decitek paper tape reader and punch at VCFMW this year. Problem is that I have zero documentation on the device.
    It uses a DA-15 connector with pin 8 connected to ground, and pin 6 holding steady at 7VDC. No other conductors on the connector are wired up, and no additional I/O connectors are present on the chassis. The paper punch is a Remex, while the reader is a Decitek 262E5.
    IMG_20181008_043631868.jpg IMG_20181008_012345784.jpg
    There are two vertically arranged logic boards connected to all the various parts with card edge connectors.
    IMG_20181001_012115842.jpg IMG_20181001_012134281.jpg
    I don't suppose anyone has any documentation, or know what direction to point me in to find information about this Decitek machine? I would very much like to put it to use.
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    For the reader part - Decitek are still around -

    It looks to me as though the Decitek reader mechanism may have been backfitted to an existing box? You should, therefore, be able to get information on the actual reader from Decitek (I seem to remember getting the technical documentation on their reader product many years ago - but I have no idea where it went to) and you may have to chase the wiring through the existing PCB assemblies.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CommodoreKid View Post
    I don't suppose anyone has any documentation
    You're just going to have to trace out the two boards.
    There is going to be a stepper motor control for the reader, and probably
    a serial interface, given the number of flip-flops on the first board.
    It should be easy to tell by how many wires are connected to the 15 pin

    It also looks like all of the punch drivers are on the second board.


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