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Thread: help pricing a item whats it worth??

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    Default help pricing a item whats it worth??

    hi guys im new here and I just wanted to reach out for a bit direction. I work with retro and vintage computers quite a bit now and I have got my hands on a Packard bell machine and the condition is amazing. Zero yellowing on case original k/b mouse all documentation restore disks ect. now this thing has a integrated voodoo 3 in I have never seen this before and I understand this to be the MS-6168 M/B. im looking for a bit help in getting a value for this item, I honestly believe this computer has never been used its in that good of a condition.


    windows 98se

    64mb ram

    creative 1317 SB (I think)

    PIII 450

    voodoo 3 2000 8mb (integrated)


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    It largely depends on what part of world/country you are in, and what PB collector you might find. You will get offers in the $50-150 range, I would guess.

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    Wouldn't this fall under the off topic marketplace since it's past the Pentium 1 era?

    Some pictures of the computer would be nice as well, too. I'd say somewhere between $50-$160 or so, depending on where you live at as rittwage mentioned.
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    Since it has a built in voodoo video, it would probably appeal more the the gaming crowd. Although I don't know if gamers would see integrated video as a significant plus. I'd think most would prefer removable interchangeable parts.

    For non gamers, you should specify if it has ISA, or AGP slots and how many PCI slots are available. Also, does the BIOS/FDC support two floppy drives of 360k/720k/1.2m/1.44mb variaties, and does it have free drive bays? What ImageDisk TESTFDC tests does the FDC pass?

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    hey guys thanks again for the info!

    so im in the uk and I have found a old ebay auction of the same model that sold for not quite sure why this price was so high for this. apparently looking on the net the integrated voodoo cards are of a rarity and some people have never seen or herd of it until I posted images.

    It has one ISA, 4 PCI slots and the Bios does support 1.44 x2

    FDC ill have to have a check on

    the model is a Packard bell 9450 I just can not find anything about this system online and only two pictures ive never really had this issue before. and the model number is correct its on back of the case

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    Only 2 DIMM slots and 440ZX (entry-level 440 with a max of 512MB) is going to depress the price a bit. 3 PCI slots with one shared with a single ISA slot. 100MHz FSB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oodavidson View Post
    hey guys thanks again for the info!

    so im in the uk and I have found a old ebay auction of the same model that sold for 445.
    if you put your location in your profile we can see where you are and give better responses...

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