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Thread: u-SCI A2 5.25" Apple II floppy drive - just spins

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    Default u-SCI A2 5.25" Apple II floppy drive - just spins

    I got an 'u-SCI A2' 5.25" Apple II floppy drive in a lot with an IIe. It was not connected to the floppy controller but the ribbon cable was threaded inside the case. There were two regular II drive connected.
    The IIe works. I also have a II+ working. I connected just the u-SCI to drive 0 and booted a know good disk. The drive heads moves back and forth like it is loading something, and the IIe drops to a ] prompt. If I put in just a blank formatted disk, it just spins, and hangs the IIe. The mechanism is a World Storage technology FDD 122-5. There appear to be two separate places on the PCB for additional connections or possibly jumpers. I have cleaned the head. (it was already very clean. The Zero switch look ok and clean, and the head moves easily on the rails.
    I can find little from google about this drive. Anyone here have a manual, or suggestions. I would like to get this drive fully functional
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    what you describe sounds normal. booting a DOS 3.3 disk can just end up at ] if it has a null HELLO program, try CATALOG. Booting a blank floppy just keeps spinning until control and reset are pressed

    Larry G


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