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Thread: Windows XP activation no longer working?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    I would like to find a hack for XP whereby one could use Firefox in lieu of the mandatory IE8 for doing MS updates.
    Firefox does not support Active X controls. And besides, that was the absolute dumbest way to distribute updates ever invented.

    I used to use the wsus offline installer to apply XP updates all the time. Does that still work with XP? Can it still automatically download the last updates for XP? Can it get and use any of the POSReady updates for XP? Is that unofficial service pack 4 considered better?

    Either way I hope someone keeps all of the updates available somewhere were they can just simply be downloaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    I don't think that's possible. The best that you could do would be to use FF for downloading.
    Just wishful thinking on my part. I imagine if it was possible someone would have already done it. Actually, I've turned off XP updating and I no longer worry about virus attacks as I do periodic backups for these old gamers.
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