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Interesting. Never had to do that before. I generally don't get things that I had to rescue from a barn. They're all either castoffs from places I worked, or given to me by friends and family, so not very dirty. I did try reseating the sound card in slot 8 more than once before moving it to slot 5. With the SCSI CDROM, I won't need the IDE extender, but the floppy cable won't reach. I have a floppy extender, but it goes with a HP/Colorado tape drive, so I may need to replace it. Now, the poor case is crawling with cables!

Another minus with the SCSI CDROM is that the Ontrack Disk Manager won't boot from it, even though it offers the option of booting from floppy or CD. I'll try this with an IDE CDROM just to be sure that works before deciding which way is best.
It is not neccessarly dirt. You take out a card, the gold gets scrubbed off for a very very small thin scratch. But from this scratch the water and oxygen in air is doing weird things to the metal below the scratch. Even if the gold is not scratched, the water/oxygen/dust is working against contact
I suspect something that has been exposed directly to "room-air" (in a PC case same air as outside) to be rutten after 20 years or more.

There is a bootdisk called plop bootmanager, it can chainload to CD, but don't know if it works with SCSI CD.