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Thread: WTB: Zenith desktop with PCI

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    Default WTB: Zenith desktop with PCI

    Looking to buy a Zenith desktop with a PCI slot. Pentium >90 is preferred, but I'd consider any from the era with the green tree logo. I have a monitor and keyboard with the tree, and I'd really like a desktop to go with them. The Z-Station EL for example.

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    One of my favorite machines is a P-90 EISA full tower Zenith Z server EX machine. It has 8 slots for 50 pin SCSI drives, came with a multi port RAID card. Nice impressive but heavy beast.
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    Whoa, the specs are right but the price is way too high! That's partially because I have my own drives, cards, and keyboard, so I could definitely use a more barebones system.

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    I had no idea Zenith made systems that far into the "modern" PC age...


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