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Thread: Fun with CC40s

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    Default Fun with CC40s

    I've been poking around in ROM, trying to learn a bit more about

    Hook tables in System RAM. A few years ago Acadiel asked me to

    write a pgm to dump the CC40 system ROMs - I'd thought the 4-8K

    ROM pages @>D000-E000 were accessible in DEBUG with the "R"

    command, but this turns out to be only partially true; you can only

    see Page 3 in DEBUG with the "D" or "M" commands - So I wrote a

    short asm routine that uses the ROM paging bits @ P25.0 & P25.1 to

    read the 4 ROM pages consecutively into cartridge RAM, where they

    are directly accessible from BASIC. This turns out to be useful for

    disassembling ROM with DEBUG, so I thought I'd post the routine I'm

    using now - It moves the page you're interested in from >D000-E000

    to >5000-6FFF in cartridge RAM; you can put it anywhere you want,

    but 4K boundaries are convenient, as >D000 = >5000, & so on... And

    sInce the code's in RAM you can set breakpoints & run it, after adjusting

    hard-coded addresses...

    Not a world-beater, but very short (39 bytes) which means you can enter

    the code by hand, through DEBUG - No PCIF necessary.


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    Bugfix - Change >201A in attachment from >7F to >FF.

    Attachment has also been corrected - I hope...
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    Would it be possible to send the output to a printer, such as the printer 80.

    I'm looking at dumping the tiger stripe ROM and don't have a RAM cartridge for it.
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    Sure, if you know the protocol the printer expects.

    But it might be simpler to write the data to file on a PC, through a Serial-to-USB

    Converter to a Terminal Emulator on the PC. Do you have a RS232/USB converter?

    IIRC I bit-banged 9600 8N1 on the TI-74, to Tera Term on the PC end - Worked ok.

    Should'nt be a big deal to re-write for CC40.

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    What I used between the '74 & the PC:

    Genuine FTDI, works great.

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    OK, I found the Printer 80 user manual at whtech, and dumping ROM to it

    looks doable - I've never seen, or used, a Printer 80...


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