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Thread: For sale: Zenith SuperSport 286 laptop

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    I have a Zenith SuperSport 286 laptop with original power adapter for sale at 100 USD. The unit was bought from eBay last year. It did boot up to MS-DOS once when I first powered it on. However, after that the laptop doesn't work any more and the machine would only beep a few times when I attempted to power it on.

    External physical condition is poor as the plastic casing has become loose at a few places. Several plastic panels above the keypad and near the IO ports are missing. Some screws are also missing and the keyboard is no longer securely attached to the bottom of the laptop. However, the innards (cables, keypad, LCD, floppy, hard disk drive, etc.) are still intact and appear to be in good physical condition. I am selling the machine for parts only.

    Price includes shipping via registered mail with tracking from Singapore. I accept payment via Paypal. Contact me if interested.
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