I found this great site
But I can not get it to make disks for me.
I saw a friend use this at computer meeting a couple weeks ago with one of my Apple ][ drives. Very cool
So I thought I'd try it here at home to make some DOS disks.
I have a working ][+ and ][e, and four drives.
I can not get this program to work from my Samsung S7.
On every combinations of computers, drives I always get Disk Error after the format screen shows on the A][ monitor. I get no disk activity. Since the format screen shows, the programs must me loading from the phone. Its volume is set to max. I get a beep from the computer a few seconds after I press play, and I get the loading message on the A][ screen.
I have used 2 different ear phone cables. I have switched FD cards. I followed the sites directions explicitly. No disk in, power, ctrl-reset, insert disk, type load, enter, press play on phone. I am using the far right slot for the FD card. I can load other disks in any configuration. I can hear the tones if I unplug the cable from the phone. I'm using blank never used good sd/sd disks.
I just tried on my son's apple s8 phone and got the same error. I just did the selftest on the ][e and it passed.
I must be doing something wrong. any suggestions?