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Thread: Kaypro 2/84 Troubleshooting

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    Just updating this thread. Had my friend in Portland take this board back with him when he came down so he could do some chip swapping with his Kaypro 1 (slightly different but many of the same chips) to confirm the state of the custom Kaypro chip. Yup, turns out the 81-194 chip was indeed bad and what was responsible for the lack of a clock signal. As well, the other custom chip, 8-189 appears bad as well. Not sure if anything else is, since the chance of finding those two chips is probably pretty low (plus all the other chips are still available chips anyway). Might have to put this aside until I can find another board (or chips) somewhere.
    -- Brian

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    Project Systems: Amstrad PCW 8256, Kaypro 2/84 (Bad Chips: 81-194, 81-189).

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    Thanks for sharing, seems that they're the worst possible faults a machine like this can suffer (apart from a faulty CRT)...


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