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Thread: USB mouse to ADB or non-ADB NeXT

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    Default USB mouse to ADB or non-ADB NeXT

    I'd like to use a modern mouse on my NeXTstation color, but the ball & roller mouse is extremely unpleasant to use, has a bad acceleration curve and needs to be cleaned constantly (possibly the plastic of the ball is no longer grippy enough?).

    Anyhow I'd like to use a modern mouse with configurable DPI and no moving parts. Is there a USB to ADB or NeXT Non-ADB peripherals connector available? I googled in some and found only incomplete or abandoned projects.

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    The Wombat hardware is compatible with all Apple computers, keyboards, and mice using a mini DIN 4-pin ADB connector, including most early Macintosh computers, the Apple IIgs, and some NeXT computer models. It is also compatible with standard USB keyboards and mice with a USB-A connector. When in ADB-to-USB conversion mode, it works under Windows, OSX, Linux, Chrome OS, or any other operating system that supports USB HID input peripherals.

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