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Thread: Ultima help

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    Default Ultima help

    Hello everyone this is my first post. ANYWAY ive been tryong to play ultima forever now. But I cant move up or down and looked everywhere for controls. They all state to use the directional keys. I only got a left and right as do,most Apple 2s. I have a Franklin 1200 if that helps

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    Shift + directional keys should move you in the other directions.

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    [s]Some earlier games require the capslock key to be on to play them. They were written before the Apple II had lowercase.[/s]

    Edit: Oh, rereading you don't have Up & Down like an older Apple II. So, yeah, use shift.

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    Thanks yah all XD ill try it tommorow. I hope it works been dieing to play all the Ultimas. The rereleses and Dos box just don't feel right.

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    It didnt work lol. I cant get past the charicter creator. I cant got down the stats list to the next fields. Tryed tab shift+ left or right arrow key. XD any other suggestions.

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    Try "Return" for up, and "/" for down.


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