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Thread: How to repair thin conductive keyboard trace?

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    But what I hammered out was no more then .0002" thick. It took 8 seconds. Yes shim stock is available, in copper, brass, down to .0005" perhaps. But the nice thing about wire is you can bend it to shape, then flatten it out. With shims you have to cut it to shape, arguably more difficult, as you need a teeny pair of snips. You could also draw a mask on a piece of metal with glue, elmers might work, then etch away what you don't want. Lots of ways to do the job.

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    (Trying to add to my previous post re the flex ribbon, looks like it ended up as a seperate post)
    By this I mean, use a section of the film with a number of parallel traces going through it. Peel away one side of the plastic to expose the traces. Cut to the width of the connecting traces. Connect each alternate trace together, for both sides like a Raspberry Pi rain gauge sensor, or touch sensor. Use conductive ink to hold it to the traces. You could bench-test this before attaching to the PCB.

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    You need to match the curvature of the trace or what have you. It's not truly curved, rather segmented. Yes little pieces of flex cable cut up could do the job I suppose. The practicality of pulling all that apart and cutting it up is questionable in my mind. It may be one way to do it though.


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