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Thread: Does an external scsi drive dock with usb to computer exist?

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    Default Does an external scsi drive dock with usb to computer exist?

    I've been unsuccessful in my poking around looking for some external enclosure that will accept a scsi disk, and connect to a computer via usb.

    Anyone know if such an animal exists? I have a few old loose scsi disks that I'd like to see what their content is.

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    i don't have exactly what you're looking for, but I do have the following:

    • Toshiba SCSI External CD-ROM
    • Model TXM3401E1
    • Mfg - Aug 1994
    • 50-pin SCSI cable
    • A/C power cord
    • Preset SCSI ID = 3

    Case has on/off switch, 2 ea. 50-pin SCSI connectors, L/R RCA audio out jacks, front panel earphone jack w/audio adjust.

    Does it work? Dunno. Came with some stuff awhile back and I no longer have a SCSI system up and running. Looks pretty good, standard PC putty color, and probably had an easy life somewhere - no scratches, scuff, or dings visible. You would still need a USB adapter or a SCSI adapter card.
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    Oddly I saw this

    and found this

    so I think the answer is. "it can be done" but not ready to roll...

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    I have a USB to SCSI dongle that I use with my SGI DAT drive for audio extraction, but the USB to SCSI stuff is relatively expensive, and you have to provide a case, too. Since I'm using CentOS 7 Linux, drivers aren't a big issue, but finding drivers for modern Windows might be difficult for these old USB SCSI dongles.

    What are far more plentiful, and maybe less expensive, are IEEE-1394 (Firewire) SCSI enclosures, typically used with Macs. You just need a Firewire card or a laptop (like mine) with a Firewire port. I've successfully looked at several SCSI drives over the years using a cast-off Exabyte-compatible Firewire 8mm tape drive enclosure, with the SCSI-interfaced tape drive removed. Firewire, as far as I know, is still well-supported on modern Windows.
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    Thank you Stone and everyone. I think I need more practice on ebay search terms


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