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Thread: Olivetti Prodest PC/1 Monitor

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    Default Olivetti Prodest PC/1 Monitor

    It looks like my Olivetti Prodest PC/1 is dead to the world. Power supply is still working and outputting the correct voltages, but the board isn't doing anything. Quite sad since this was my first ever PC-class computer and I've owned it a very long time. There is one on ebay I'm keeping my eye on though.

    However, the matching colour monitor is still (as far as I know) in perfect working order, I'm wondering if it can be used for anything else, but I'm not quite sure what sort of input it requires. The computer is CGA and has two video outputs. One of them is a standard 9 pin D-type connector for an IBM 5153 or similar, but the supplied monitor doesn't connect to this. It connects to a separate 8 pin DIN socket.

    I believe the machine was originally supplied with a choice of colour or green screen monitors, but the green screen option was just monochrome CGA, not MDA or Hercules. It also came supplied with a lead (which I don't have) to connect to a TV set if you didn't want the expense of the monitor, and all these connections were made through this DIN socket. Presumably there is an analogue composite signal coming out of this connector, but I don't know if the colour monitor is just composite colour (it wouldn't surprise me, the picture was always a bit noisy) or if it's analogue RGB (or even s video, which would be nice as it would make a perfect C64 monitor).

    There doesn't seem to be much information around on it, anyone know anything about these?

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    The round DIN connector has analogue RGB + Composite Sync output which can be linked for example to SCART. Or you can use that monitor on Commodore Amiga and Atari ST (on ST, I think you need a ST(f)m version as only those with HF modulator (m) provide composite sync, without modulator it is separated H/V sync. The 9 pin D-SUB is standard CGA which is also capable of color. But be carefull, one of the pins is usually not used or ground on a standard PC, but on Prodest PC 1 there is +12V to supply a monochrome CGA monitor. So using just any monitor on PC1 can cause damage to PC1 and monitor! On the other side, it's also possible to use an a analogue RGB monitor with separated H/V sync on PC-1, you just need to grab H/V-Sync from the 9 pin D-Sub CGA connecor of PC-1. I made an adapter for my PC 1 which does that, analogue RGB plus H/V-Sync, so I can use many monitors which where provided for ATARI ST and Commodore Amiga computers, and at the same time it unliks the +12V from CGA so that I can use any CGA capable monitor with my PC-1 without the risk of damage something.

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    Thanks, for now it's back on the shelf but hopefully some use for it will be found (even more hopefully, with a replacement PC/1!)


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