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    I have a working Sharp Pocket PC the Sharp 1251 complete with the CE-125 printer/cassette - the connector is a weird (centronics?) 60 pin connector.
    Someone has also just given me a working Sharp PC-1500 alas with a missing CE-150 unit.
    Is there anyway I could:-
    (A) Connect the PC-1500 to the CE-125 unit (by a cable or adapter) ?
    (B) Connect the PC-1500 directly to a PC - I have an iMac & MacBook Pro as well as a Windows Laptop AND also a working Apple G3 running under Mac OSX 9

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    Not that I'm aware of, but I'd be interested in learning of a way to do it if it possible.

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    The 1251 and 1500 are almost completely incompatible. The 1251 and CE-125 use a serial-ish interface, a good description here-
    The 1500's interface is more like a slot on an IBM or Apple II -- address lines, data lines, etc. I've got a serial adapter for my 1500, it's a big chunky block with 2 or three circuit boards and a set of ni-cad batteries.
    Other than that, you would need the CE-150 to connect to a desktop's audio out.
    Best site with info on which peripherals go with which handheld is --


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